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Caffeinated Coffee Could Cut Skin Cancer Risk, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School Study. Drinking more caffeinated coffee may help to lower the risk of developing basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer, according to a new study. Published in Cancer Research, a journal for the American Association for Cancer Research, the study was conducted by analyzing data from the Nurses’ Health Study, a long-term study meant to investigate factors that might influence women’s health, and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, the corresponding study for men. Increased Caffeine Intake Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Skin.

Coffee, brewed from grounds, prepared with tap water   Tag: Cancer, Skin
02 Jul 2012

NonLight Beer Consumption Linked to Psoriasis in Women. Women who drink more than two drinks per week are significantly more likely to develop psoriasis than are women who abstain from alcohol. Moreover, when stratified by type of alcohol consumed, it is full-calorie, non-light beer – not wine, liquor, or light beer – that appears to raise the risk for the skin condition, according to a study of over 82,000 women. Alcohol Intake and Risk of Incident Psoriasis in US Women: A Prospective Study.

Alcoholic beverage, beer, regular, BUDWEISER   Tag: Skin
20 Aug 2010

From ICYou Health Videos - Dr. Ann: Canned Pumpkin. Dr. Ann shares the surprising benefits associated with eating canned pumpkin. We have around 10 Canned Pumpkin products, which is the most healthy processed food, packed with disease-fighting carotenoids that are important for immune health, heart health, and keeping your skin youthful.

Pumpkin, canned, without salt   Tag: Skin
12 May 2010


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